Wire Form Parts

Force-storing and force-releasing wire bending parts store forces during actuation or installation and release them again in a controlled manner. They are often used as actuation or safety devices for precision mechanical tasks or as actuation aids for stronger applications. We supply customised wire bending parts according to your requirements such as installation space, force, dynamic behaviour and influences such as corrosion protection, temperature resistance and other factors. Our company supports you in the design of the wire bending part, considering service life, optimum properties and economical production.

Manufacturing programme:
– From 0.10 mm to 9.0 mm wire diameter

Series size:
– From quantity of 1 pc to 5 million pc.

– Patented drawn spring steel wire according to EN 10270-1
– Oil tempered spring steel wire according to EN 10270-2
– Stainless steel according to EN 10270-3
– Non-ferrous metals (copper and copper alloys) according to EN 12166
– High temperature superalloys (Nimonic, Inconel) UNS N07090 /
1UNS N07718
– Gold/platinum alloys
– Customised alloys

Special treatments:
– Shot peened
– Quenched and tempered (hardening and tempering)
– Austempered
– Coated