With the emphasis on long-term partnerships, speed, technical competence and progressing employees we succeed in evolving markets and changing customer demands.

While spring making is a long existing industry, also here the demands of the customer, the mode of the market, and the products and services are constantly evolving. In order to be a good company for our customers as well as employees and suppliers we have developed values which are targeted to be successful as such a partner:

Long term partnership

Technical competence


Customer adapted quality

Employees which are proud of our company
(strive for long term growth both of themselves as well as our business)



In customer day-to-day matters we strive to be fast and precise and why we strive to further enhance speed in: Offers, followed by order acknowledgment and short lead times. Invoices as well as design and spring calculations are also done in an expeditious manner for you.
Spring s should be a seamless and integral part of your application, we’ll do!

Technical Competence

Successful implementation of a spring part – be it a stamping bending part, a wire form part or e.g. a compression spring – you need deep knowledge and expertise in the fields of
• Material science
• Spring design and calculation related to physical layout, force, lifetime and plastic deformation.
• Spring manufacturing
We constantly invest into training to provide you benefits in all these areas


Springs in different applications and specialized functions have different requirements on quality. That is why we focus on customer-adapted quality, which gives each customer exactly what he and his application needs. Hence, we focus on the benefit-relevant quality properties of his spring